Fanning Graves in Holycross Church of Ireland Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland

Holycross Church of Ireland Co Tipperary
Holycross Church of Ireland Co Tipperary
Joseph Fanning Holycross Church of Ireland Cemetery Co Tipperary
Joseph Fanning Holycross Church of Ireland Cemetery Co Tipperary

The above inscription is on the side of the first grave, that of Joseph Fanning of Graigue, Moycarkey.

Johanna & James Fanning Holycross Church of Ireland Cemetery Co Tipperary
Johannah & James Fanning Holycross Church of Ireland Cemetery
Anne & Lawrence Fanning & Mary Fanning nee Shanahan Church of Ireland Cemetery Holycross Co Tipperary

Above inscription is on the side of the grave of Johanna and James Fanning

Rev James Fanning Holycross Church of Ireland Cemetery Co Tipperary
Rev James Fanning Holycross Church of Ireland Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland
John, Mai & Philip Fanning Holycross Church of Ireland Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland
Joseph Fanning erectd by son Michael of America Holycross Church of Ireland Cemetery Co Tipperary Ireland
Joseph Fanning from Horse and Jockey, Holycross Church of Ireland Cemetery Co Tipperary
Holycross Church of Ireland Cemetery Co Tipperary

These are the three graves that are shown in close up above. From left to right is the grave of Joseph Fanning of Moycarkey, then the grave of Joseph Fanning erected by his son Michael from America and lastly that of Joseph Fanning of Horse and Jockey erected by his loving daughters.

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  1. I’am also researching my family tree on the fannings. My mother’s mother was Margaret Gretchen Fanning, born 1913 in Jacksonville, Illinois to Joseph Fanning and Margaret Ann Kelly.

      1. Hello! Some came from tipperary, and gallyre Ireland. Most of them settled in conn, and the rest settled in Murrayville,Illinois. Joseph Fanning (my great-grandfather) was born June21,1865-in Murrayville,Morgan County, and married to Margaret Ann Kelly(12-16-1870). These are my mother’s grandparents.
        I have copies of all the Fannings dating back to 1768.
        Ialso have paperwork that my mother gave me that she was given to from some of the Fannings.
        most of the Fanning’s came from Limerick, and I have notes that some of them were mayor’s or sheriff’s of Limerick. Clement-1551-mayor 1559, Patrick Mayor,1559-1610,Clement mayor1610,Nickolas Mayor 1630 and Francis Sheriff 16732-Mayor 1644.The last one to be mayor was Dominick who was beheaded during the Cromwell invasion in 1649 at the battle of Drogheda. Are you and I releated in anyway?The other paperwork, I have is about Edmund Fanning, and Ellen Butler.
        I’m having some problems with some of the Fannings.
        Is there any documents, showing a Laughlin Fanning with this group? According to the paperwork I have there is no Laughlin Fanning.I have John (1745-1814), John Fanninmg Jr,1768-06 1788, Jacob Fanning, Joseph Fanning, and Nathan Fanning.
        Could you please let me know.

        1. Hi Tammy,
          I’m very interested in your Fanning ancestors who came from Co Tipperary.

          Can you give me details on the ancestors of Joseph Fanning born 1865 in Illinois? his parents and grandparents and ggrandparents? then I might be able to figure out if we are related.

          There are a lot of fanning family trees on sites like tracing their ancestry through Edmund Fanning who settled in Connecticut in c 1650 but there are never sources given for the connections made. There don’t seem to be the records to prove these trees.So I’d love to see what you have been given on the Fannings.

          My brother had a DNA test and it confirmed that I am a relative of this Edmund Fanning but other tests have Laughlin Fanning as from another Fanning group. So he is not related to the descendants of Edmund Fanning.

          By the way I don’t recognise Gallyre? Galway? is it a town or county? Do you know where it is?

          looking forward to hearing from you


  2. Hello Kathleen,
    The information that was given to me about the Fanning’s came from my mother. She said she was given this information from her mother whom was a Fanning, her father was Joseph Fanning (1865). Here is all the info that I have.
    Joseph Fanning 1865-1931 to Margaret Ann Kelly (my mother’s mother’s parents). His father and mother were Joseph Fanning (1823-1900),and Mary Polly Elizabeth Brown. His parents were Abraham (1797-1859) and Nancy Galloway.His parents were Joseph (1768-1845), and Barbara Davis. His parents were John Fanning (1737-1813),and Ann?. His parents(which I don’t really know if they are) were Bryan(1698-1765), and Elizabeth Middleton. His parents were ? Laughlin fanning (1660-1765), and Elizabeth? His parents were Thomas fanning (1636-), and Francis Ellis. His parents were Edmund Fanning(1629-1683) and Ellen Butler. The notes that I have list a Nickolas, Clement, Patrick, Simon, Andrew, William, Oliver Fanning, but I don’t know what line they are from. This info is from one of my mother’s cousion’s Walter Fredrick Brook. He was the son of Elizabeth Fanning Brook, but I don’t have his or her exact dates of births or whose children they were. let me know what You think, and if we are related in some way. I’m on in stangs so you might be able to see what I have so far, as to family.

    1. I couldn’t find your tree on What is it called? Have you been told that you are a descendant of Edmund Fanning who emigrated from Ireland about 1653? I had a look in Walter Frederic Brook’s History of the Fanning Family and couldn’t find any of the Fannings you have listed. Given that your mother is related to Walter Brooks I would have thought they would be in there?? If you are a descendant of the Emigrant Ancestor, Edmund Fanning, who settled at Stonington in Connecticut we are related. We would have a common ancestor but way way back in the 1600’s in Ireland. If a male member of your family had a DNA test that would show which line you are in but it is expensive. The only other thing I can suggest is to get on to some of the forums as there are many discussions about lineage in the US. Try Googling Pat Fannin.
      This is a post from Pat on

      “This latest test was from a descendant of Edmund Fanning as follows:

      Edmund Fanning b. 1620 d. 1683 m. Ellen emigrated USA 1653
      Edmund Fanning b. 1651 Tipperary Ireland d. 1768 m. Margaret Mary Billings b. 1659 d. 1715
      Edmund Fanning b. 1682 d. 1768 m. Hannah Parke b. 1685 d. 1734
      William Fanning b. 1715 d. 1758 m. Anna Miner b. 1718 d. 1752
      William Fanning b. 1741 d. 1799 m. Zerviah Stanton b. 1742 d. 1816
      Edmund Fanning b. 1762 d. 1835 m. Mercy Corp b. 1760 d. 1830
      James Fanning b. 1799 d. unknown m. Eunice Turner b. 1794 d. 1870
      Edmund Seymour Fanning b. 1832 d. 1888 m. Hannah Fanning (cousin) b. 1830 d. 1909
      Edmond Seymour Fanning b. 1868 d. 1948 m. Sarah Olive Josephine Wilson b. 1869 d. 1928

      This Edmond Seymour Fanning was the grandfather of the latest person tested.

      With this third test, it is with a certainty that the line of Edmund Fanning of Conn. is in no way related to the Virginia lines of Bryan Fanning, Sr. of Amelia Co., Va. or
      of John Fanning from Chestnut Creek in Wythe Co., Va. Edmund was also not related to Abraham Fanning, son of James Fanning of SC. This has all been demonstrated through
      the results of y-DNA testing. In fact, Edmund’s genetics are from a different Haplogroup than the other lines mentioned. For more information go to the website of the Fanning DNA Project at:


      Pat Fannin”

      1. I think we are related! I do have on my list an Edmund Fanning married to a Margaret Billings. His son was Edmund and he was married to Hannah Parke. I’m under pony997 in, so I hope you can find the info that I have so far. let me know more.

        1. Edmund Fanning who was married to Margaret Billings was the son of the Emigrant Fanning Ancestor Edmund Fanning who emigrated to the US about 1660. So, yes, we are related, way, way back. I will have a look at your tree. regards Kathleen

        2. Hi again Tammy,
          I tried to find your tree but there are 160,000 trees with Abraham Fanning married to Nancy Galloway!!

          I have had this trouble many times before trying to get to a particular tree in ancestry.

          Is pony 997 the name of your tree? If there is someone on your tree who is not likely to be on too many other trees I can search for them and find your tree that way.


          1. Yes, Kathleen the name of my tree is pony997, so I hope you can see it when you go to So I kind of figured we might be related, probably really long long distant cousins. These papers that I have are the ones my mother received from her mother Margaret Gretchen Fanning.(1913-1984). She in return, got the papers from her mother (Margaret Ann Kelly), (1870-1948), and her father Joseph Fanning((1865-1931). My mother remembers her grandmother, as she was 12 years old when Margaret Kelly died. She said most of the Fanning’s are buried in Youngblood cemetery where I believe is in St.Louis, Mo. Let me know what you think.

          2. I couldn’t find your tree. Is pony997 the name of the tree or your user name? I only found one tree with Margaret Gretchen Fanning in it and that tree was called “my mixed up family tree” and I got a message that ancestry could not access this tree???

            There are other trees with Abraham Fanning but they go back to Chestnt Creek Fanning and Loughlin Fanning (he came from Tipperary) but they are not descendants of Edmund Fanning (DNA results prove this).

            Anyway, you are incredibly lucky to have so much family history passed down to you from your grandparents and great grandparents. Amazing to have all that.

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